In search of elusive feeling of patriotism

SYLLABICATION: pa tri o tism
NOUN: Love of and devotion to one’s country.
Does anyone of us in my generation and younger knows much about “patriotism” when even our older generations question it? Is it a case of nothing to be patriotic about…or something else?
A fren asked this question after the bali bombing, whether you’ll run or stay if there’s war here in our tiny island.
My answer, I’d leave if there’s no hope in staying. Do I love my country?

The article in ST: In search of elusive feeling of patriotism – OCT 25, 2002?
bq.. I have found that there was really nothing ‘patriotic’ that drove me to do many things, including serving as a volunteer in the People’s Defence Force, before National Service became mandatory.
But helping people, working diligently with colleagues of all races, feeling exhilarated when we did a job well, solving long-standing community problems with ideas that both parents and children found agreeable, rejoicing at the promotions of colleagues, or just frolicking about at community camps, inter-constituency games, and national day parades, all these were done because we loved doing them.
p. I wonder, was all this enough to be called ‘patriotism’?