One month and counting

Funny how life is. One month ago, we had our almost perfectly planned wedding washed out by passing rain which, decided to play havoc with us and stayed for exactly one and a half hour before moving on.

Till this day, as we strolled along East Coast Park under a very brightly lit full moon, we could almost taste the irony of it.

We joked about whether we should have held the wedding in October 14 instead. We wondered out loud how our perfect wedding would have been if the rain didn’t fall on that evening. We asked whether when we’ll stop joking about how exciting that night was.

Honestly, I think we won’t. One month has past and many many full moons in the future, we will still look back on September 14 2008 with great memories, of how much fun we had waiting for each of us in our own house in the morning, how we kissed un-glam-ly as I raised her veil, how we waved to another couple as they look at us in the cute topless Copen (thanks Steve!) while they sat in their cough*boring*cough wedding car sedan, how we went about getting ang paos as we serve tea, how we go about preparing for the lawn, how I try to keep the secret of the band from Yannie, how we worried as we heard the news about the rain, how worried we became as we waited for the missing tables to be done up, how we lovingly took our vows, how we happily walked down the aisle, how happy Yannie looks when she saw the surprise performance I kept from her, how happy we were when we watched the video made by our dear friends, how happy our parents were when we fumbled as we thanked them, and lastly, how happy we were as we looked at each other on our wedding day.

I think all the good and bad made our wedding something more special in our mind. A wedding we will never forget, as we count our blessings and look forward to more happy memories as husband and wife.

More photos will be uploaded as I find time…reservist training is tiring…especially the travelling.

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