50,000 in context

According to the Red Cross – an estimated 45,000 to 50,000 Haitians have died in the earthquake that struck on Tuesday.

And all our Singapore Government can fork out was US$50,000.

US$1 per person lost? The math’s just not right.

day 13 – today

13 Jan is a month before Valentines’ Day and that also means a month before the next long break for a while – Chinese New Year.

day 12 – going green

Took a walk from office to Esplanade to meet wife for her birthday dinner and as it rained earlier in the day, it was a pleasant walk along the side of Nichol Highway where you will walk along this quiet stretch with green all around you. However, it is also a rather dark stretch and probably not a good place to be when its’ night fall.

day 11 – kitty fight

After many weeks, our two kittys have more or less learned to live with each other. But occasionally they will go at it with each other like there’s no tomorrow. We think its just fun and games and mostly to burn off fats. Let’s just hope that’s just that!

day 9 – heart East End

Nope I didn’t forget just didn’t have time to post this yesterday. This was taken at the field opposite our house – the first time we’ve gone down there to fly kite – thanks to trevor and terrence, we managed to get one that tends to fly up, then tilt left and nose dived. but hey we had good fun and good food – thanks to wife who cooked up a wicked fried chicken – KFC you better watch out!

We’ll do this more – hopefully the grass will be trimmed and nice for us to have picnics! Oh and someone should set up a kite-selling store here! There’s demand for it!