day 7 – mojo refill

7/365 My Mojo-refill

My one addiction is coffee – without it for one day and I’ll suffer. Thankfully my choice of poison is the kopitiam kind rather than the latte … which is healthier for my wallet.

My daily intake is minimal 2 cups – one at home in the morning and one at work. More if i’m kissing my keyboard. What’s your poison?

day 5 – packed dinner

Was supposed to start the new gym routine today but wife’s a tad unwell so going back early to pack dinner for us.

Getting more into this 365 thingy – forces me to look around and also, make me post here more often. So far you like the photos?

day 4 – Tong Seng Coffee Shop

It’s the first day of work – sort of the official first day of 2010 when life really begins again for the next 361 days. Thankfully, work load’s not heavy thus I could go back to oversee the servicing of the house’s aircon. Luckily I’m well-connected and be able to keep track of work while looking at my cats, washing my clothes, clearing their litter and preparing dinner.

That’s life.

day 3 – Robot Nylon

3 days in and I am finding it tough. Hopefully with work starting I should have more subjects to take. Once I think I get the drift of things – next step will be to add challenges for the week’s photos.

That will be, sometime in the future.

day 1 – muffin

Woke up just in time to catch the crystal ball dropping in Times Square. That’s one of the place where we will want to be sometime in the future. But for now, it is just a muffin, cup of coffee and CNN’s Anderson Cooper with Kathy Griffin.

This is also the start of my 365 photo project for 2010 – another something which I always wanted to do but never go about doing. You can follow it in Flickr and it will be done with my iPhone – so that I have no excuse not to take something about me every single day.

IF i miss one – I owe you readers one beer. Keep track and claim your beer if you find out I missed one!

Here’s to 2010.