The Bachelor

Another reality based tv show for us on tv5. Best of all, its one man with 23 women. Before you think about something along the line of Annabel Chong….its less graphic.
h6. Synopsis:
As America’s most eligible single man, he gets the opportunity to find the woman of his dreams – and hopefully his bride-to-be – in this reality series. The Bachelor embarks on a romantic journey to meet dozens of women and then selects 15 as potential mates. After getting to know each 1, the contestant continues to narrow the field again, from 10 to 5, then 3, and ultimately, the 1 woman he will propose marriage to in the series’ dramatic finale.
The show also takes an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the lives of each participant involved in this unique courtship. Each week this lucky man will date the candidates while traveling to exotic locations around the world (wow, The Amazing Race with gorgeous women!), introduce some to family and friends and even take a few of them home to meet mom! But the biggest challenge remains, of whether he will succeed when he pops the question.
Channel 5 – Mediacorp TV

Ok. I’m nice. I intially wanted to put the results (yes it is a dated show) on the main blog but I know there’ll be suckers who would want to watch every episode….so click read more if you want to know who won.
One big HOWEVER….its a year late…well a few months late. (ended in april this year). This show was broadcast last year…and…the winner is…
In an exclusive interview with Alex and Amanda, we learn that they are still together, even though Amanda is still in Kansas City, and Alex is in Los Angeles. Amanda and Alex also debunk the rumors Alex is gay once and for all. Amanda advises the next Bachelor not to make out with every girl he dates, and Alex advises him to not think too much. Alex also discussed how the hardest part of the show was having to breaku with all of the women each week. This interview marks the last time Alex and Amanda are doing a public interview about their relationship.
so they didn’t really got married..
ahha..i know i’m an ass…but hey…its a stupid show.